Professional Electrical Construction Services, Inc. specializes in the construction and maintenance of turn-key substation projects. We can provide excellent and quality work whether your project is a new installation, an upgrade or a retrofit. We take pride in our record of quality, efficiency and safety.

  • Turn-key Substation Construction
  • Grading and Excavation Services
  •  Underground work and Foundation Installations
  • High Voltage Structure erection
  • Power, Secondary and Control Wiring
  • Drilling Services for Transmission Line Tower Foundations, Wells, Ground Wells
  • 24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Response
  • Project Management

Our Construction Division has been the top performing contractor for Southern California Edison for many years. This division specializes in low voltage and high voltage substation construction and can take on any type construction from installation of below ground conduit, grounding, structural foundations, building foundations and the construction of Tower Line foundations. We are highly skilled in demolition, concrete placement, drilling pile foundations and ground wells, grading and excavation, site drainage and SWPPP services.

Our Electrical and Wiring Division have also been top performers for Southern California Edison for many years. This division installs a wide range of substation equipment and wires equipment in preparation and support of Testing and Startup. We also install large steel structures, line and bus dead ends, turning poles, line raisers and build switch racks from 12kv to 500kv. Switch racks include steel erection, installation of switches and hard bus, conductoring switches and equipment, installation of circuit breakers, station light and power and other equipment required to provide reliable service.

Wiring crews perform conductor jobs for equipment and relay control wiring, installation or relays and control equipment in control rooms and relay cubicles in the field.